I’m responsible for what I say….

Not what you understand.

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Jack And Diane

Jack and Diane is probably the best white trash love song ever written. Used to love John Cougar when he was white trash – couldn’t stand him once he tried to be yuppie artist….wtf….was the white trash John fake or the yuppie artist fake?



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The El Cortez

Went to Vegas last weekend with Mrs. Writing last weekend and had a great time. We stayed at the El Cortez and that was….interesting. It isn’t the cleanest and most up to date place but it grew on us and I would stay there again. I would stay in the tower or their cabana suites but it was fine.

Downtown isn’t for everyone but it was kind of nice to not walk for miles. We also took some tours of the town and the area and that was a nice way to see a lot without having to worry about driving and parking.

I know a lot of people call down Vegas and look down their nose at it but personally I think the town is what you make it. You can either be a degenerate or you can just go and eat well and do some wholesome activities. It is up to you and is probably more of a reflection of you as to what you do in Vegas. We can’t wait to go back.


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Jon Lord Remembered

Very nice tribute to Jon Lord who recently passed away.


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The Lonely Crowd

This seems like a great book but couldn’t get through it. Just a little too dry. An audio book might work but sitting down and reading a couple hundred pages was just too much.

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Linchpins: Birth Of A New Corporate Buzzword

At my work’s Socialcast (work Facebook) site this guy has a huge following and there are always people asking “are you a linchpin” “be a linchpin” The linchpins…” that I felt compelled to get this book.

Blech. I listened to the audio book and it came across as condescending, a lot of “duh” moments, and just plain dumb statements.

I admire him for selling books by the truckload and I’m sure he trademarked the term linchpin and makes plenty of money at Holiday Inns doing seminars but I found this book to be a joke and I’m now not motivated to read anything else of his.

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What Money Can’t Buy

Started to read What Money Can’t Buy but couldn’t make it past the first chapter. Typical liberal nonsense and anti-business. Don’t waste your money but more importantly don’t waste your time.

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