I added a new, and important to me, ticket stub to my collection. Not long ago I saw Van Halen. People know I’m a big KISS fan and I have some KISS memorabilia around so the automatic assumption is that KISS is my favorite band…and most days they are but Van Halen and KISS change leads and have for 30 years.

The timing of me becoming a fan of Van Halen and their breakup had me miss the classic lineup. That and my stupidity – since every once in a while I would get in a mood of ​well if everyone loves them now I’m not going ​which I think may have partially been the case when the classic Van Halen lineup made their last tour.

Anyway, I have seen David Lee Roth three time solo and out of my weird protest of the new Van Halen I never went to any of their shows with Sammy Hagar, which I now also regret.

Back to the present: the show was excellent and the band musically was amazing. I am a big David Lee Roth fan but sometimes his off-time delivery live gets on my nerve. Regardless the band sounded amazing. I thought the arena would be packed and possible sellout but there were quite a few unsold tickets but still a huge crowd – especially at those prices.

I’m glad I got to see Eddie Van Halen play live at least once because I do believe that after Jimi Hendrix there is no more influential guitar player ever in the history of rock.

Eddie’s kid Wolfgang held his own and proved to me that he’s not just there because his dad is Eddie Van Halen. The kid can play and more importantly to the ‘Van Halen sound’ he can provide some excellent background vocals which is an often overlooked aspect of what made Van Halen such a great band.

I love the new album and thought the concert was great. Hey how could it not be good it was Van F’n Halen!


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Freelance/Freerange writer from parts unknown and weight unknown. This blog is Mr Writing III vents his personal beleifs but his passion is writing fiction. His short story "Borgs of Summer" was twice ranked in Amazon's top 100 in Kindle/Baseball category.
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