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The El Cortez

Went to Vegas last weekend with Mrs. Writing last weekend and had a great time. We stayed at the El Cortez and that was….interesting. It isn’t the cleanest and most up to date place but it grew on us and … Continue reading

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Jon Lord Remembered

Very nice tribute to Jon Lord who recently passed away.

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The Lonely Crowd

This seems like a great book but couldn’t get through it. Just a little too dry. An audio book might work but sitting down and reading a couple hundred pages was just too much.

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Linchpins: Birth Of A New Corporate Buzzword

At my work’s Socialcast (work Facebook) site this guy has a huge following and there are always people asking “are you a linchpin” “be a linchpin” The linchpins…” that I felt compelled to get this book. Blech. I listened to … Continue reading

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What Money Can’t Buy

Started to read What Money Can’t Buy but couldn’t make it past the first chapter. Typical liberal nonsense and anti-business. Don’t waste your money but more importantly don’t waste your time.

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David Lee Roth in 1994

Any loyal David Lee Roth fan during the mid-ninety’s was tested pretty severely. Dave went from being one of rock’s all-time great front-men to a Vegas style club performer. I would have preferred more straight-forward rock n’ roll from David … Continue reading

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Easy Beef Stroganoff

Start preparing noodles by boiling water. Noodles vary a bit by brand so follow suggested directions from there. Brown your hamburger, or for higher end recipe use stew meat. add a touch of salt and black pepper When hamburger is … Continue reading

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