Getting to a Good Weight

Health – Diet

Mr. Writing III’s series of guides and tips for helping men live a full life.

Get to a good weight. I’m going to leave what your good weight to you and your doctor. Some body mass indicators are B.S. and if some experts had their way we would all look like Ally McBeale or those skinny little marathon runners. If you look like that, and it is natural and comfortable for you, then that is great but if you aren’t then don’t stress about getting that thin.
 Don’t interpret the above paragraph as an out for being thirty pounds overweight because you’re comfortable with it. If you don’t think an extra thirty pounds doesn’t matter put on a backpack with thirty pounds in it and carry it around for a full day. Heck just an hour and you’ll be ready to get rid of it. That extra work is what you are doing to your body everyday when you are walking around heavier than you should be.
Take your weight seriously and get serious about changing your ways to get it under control. Not carrying around extra weight is a cornerstone of good health. From your knees, your back, to your heart; keeping off those extra pounds is one of the best things you can do for you longevity and quality of life.

About Mr Writing III

Freelance/Freerange writer from parts unknown and weight unknown. This blog is Mr Writing III vents his personal beleifs but his passion is writing fiction. His short story "Borgs of Summer" was twice ranked in Amazon's top 100 in Kindle/Baseball category.
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