Results and Relationships

Save yourself money on self-help books and seminars if you want the key to life it was given away in the title of this post. Results and Relationships. There you go. Now you know how to take whatever it is you want to improve to the next level.

Results without relationships just gets you more work dumped on you. Relationships without results at work may get you a lot of visits from people wanting to hang out and talk, which will drive down your results even further.

“But I am a _____________ and relationships don’t matter!” Uh, you’re wrong. There are plenty of businesses with a great product that go under and in many ways their relationships are what brought them down. How did word get out about your product, proper financing, connecting with customers may have been that Relationship trait that didn’t happen so therefore that great product is now back in someone’s basement. 

I think most introverts (me) have this fantasy that our work will be so undeniably kick-ass that people will stop what they’re doing and go ‘I have never seen such amazing _________. Give this guy a bucket of money!’ Truth is whether you’re playing guitar or trying to cure cancer you have to get discovered, you have to meet with someone who is in the position to take your great Results to a larger audience or the next level.

On the flip-side the people that are all Relationships suffer in a different way. Since they have plenty of people calling them, inviting them to events, but they will never get that over-the-top success without Results. The all Relationships people are often the ones that do get the promotions and breaks to then fail miserably.

What we all need to do is take a long hard look at ourselves and see where we are weak in – Results or Relationships. Without sacrificing the area you are strong in keep the other side of the coin in mind and regularly ask yourself can I strengthen this relationship or how can I drive this result further.

Do this and before long others will start to see you the way you currently see yourself.


About Mr Writing III

Freelance/Freerange writer from parts unknown and weight unknown. This blog is Mr Writing III vents his personal beleifs but his passion is writing fiction. His short story "Borgs of Summer" was twice ranked in Amazon's top 100 in Kindle/Baseball category.
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