Ratt 1987 Denver, Colorado

This was the first of two Ratt concerts I in the 80’s. This was an excellent show – fifteen years ago today in fact. Poison was opening and they were making some serious waves and Ratt was at the top of their game so it was sort of like two heavyweights on the same stage.

I was a relatively young chap so this was only about my 3rd or 4th concert with the first couple being Judas Priest and KISS but what was obvious at this concert compared to JP and KISS was the amount of young girls my age. Why were trenchcoats popular in the 80’s….possibly to hide a rogue boner when you’re a teenager is a good reason.

Breakdown – Poison – tons of energy, almost to the point of hyperactive. I remember Brett Michael’s had some rap to the crowd segment that was pretty funny and at one point said “After we’re done playing we’ll be at Bangles niteclub to continue the party.” Being a teenager Bangles was out of the question but I remember thinking I wonder what Ratt thinks of that announcement. Basically Brett was saying don’t worry about seeing Ratt after we’re done.

Ratt: they may have only been on the 3rd album but they were very pro. They were a great arena band and should still be in the arenas. In the magazines at that time their two guitarists got tons of press but in concert I thought their bassist (Juan Croucier) carried more weight. Stephen Pearcy, great frontman and owned the stage well.
If there was one sign that maybe things weren’t all that great in the Ratt-gang I remember Stephen walking by Warren DeMartini and it seemed like Stephen wanted Warren to do a little ‘share the mic action’ like Tyler and Perry and even from my cheap seats Warren looked annoyed and pretty much waited for Stephen to move on then use his backup mic to do background vocals.

It was the 80’s with two great bands at their prime….great time to be alive!


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