KISS In Denver 1988

Twenty-four years ago today I saw KISS for the second time. This was their Crazy Nights tour and Anthrax opened the show I saw at McNichol’s Arena in Denver. I remember not liking Anthrax too much – not really my type of band and although KISS is rarely bad they weren’t exactly awesome that night.

I think Eric Carr’s drum solo was the surprise of the show. He had these electric drums that sounded like guitars which gave his solo more of a one-man band type of thing but it was really cool.
I remember Paul Stanley being cool and other than Gene Simmons doing a short bass solo with some pyros to enhance it he wasn’t that big of a deal. I’ve read interviews in the last ten years where Gene has said he was phoning it in in the 80’s and looking back that seems obvious now.

The other thing that stands out to me was I remember looking around at the crowd at one point and there wasn’t that many people there. In fact I remember it was only 30-40 minutes before Anthrax and thinking “I hope some people show up” it was that thin. I think I saw online at some KISS site that attendance ran 3-5 thousand a show for that tour and that would be about right – but in an arena that holds 15,000 that feels empty. It was even a “Half-house” setting and it still felt empty.

But you know what….still loved it and am happy that I went.


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