Consumer Obligations?

There are absolutely consumer obligations. If you’re going into a big-box store, any store for that matter, to test drive an mp3player, camera, etc with no intentions of buying it you’re not living up to your obligations.

Also, when your city has store front after storefront being replaced by “indoor flea markets” and government offices that used to house large retailers that closed up shop don’t cry about because after all you helped contribute to it.

Does this mean you shouldn’t buy stuff on the internet? Absolutely not, just don’t purposely waste people’s time when you know full well you’re going buy your item on teh internet. When your local Target or Best Buy is paying taxes, hiring people, and spending money locally they are dropping a lot of money to display that camera or TV while Amazon is helping your local city how? Crickets? Is Amazon paying local property tax? Are they giving young people entry level jobs? Donating time and money into community?

The following video is a great five minute explanation of consumer obligations.


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