Lovin’ Amazon’s Cloud Player

I’ve been an Amazon fan for quite a while. Hey, it’s where I sell my writing so I guess I better love em. Anyway, I’m still one of those goofy people that actually buys music – although I will be the first to admit that I buy much less than before.  Certain bands I still want the physical product such as a new KISS or AC/DC album but when it comes to new bands I’ve tried, and liked, Amazon’s mp3 download albums. Plus unlike some music services with Amazon you own the files.

To help push their cloud feature I was given some storage space but never utilized it. Box.net had done this years earlier and I never really did use it and I didn’t see the point in this. After a few more purchases I was upgraded to 20gb of storage but again never bothered. Then I was upgraded to unlimited. Unlimited always has a way of getting someone’s attention. When I looked into it more I saw that Amazon had their own web player. Now I’m very interested. I uploaded a couple and gave the player a try. Works great.

Now I can upload my music and if I can get to the internet and login to my account I can play my stuff. The other day I put the player to play songs on shuffle then feed the audio to our home stereo. It was so great to hear the music I love instead of what some corporate program director chose was awesome. I know this is nothing new by any stretch but it’s always been a bit of a pain in the ass with mp3 player. There is something I like about Amazon’s setup better than just docking an mp3 player.



About Mr Writing III

Freelance/Freerange writer from parts unknown and weight unknown. This blog is Mr Writing III vents his personal beleifs but his passion is writing fiction. His short story "Borgs of Summer" was twice ranked in Amazon's top 100 in Kindle/Baseball category.
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