Inlines or outlines – either way I’m feeling good about the outline I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks. About a week too long to be honest but it’s continuing to move forward and I still like the characters a lot and that’s the most important part.

While on the subject of writing fiction and outlines. There are some famous writers who trash anyone who uses an outline – Stephen King probably the most famous one. I was a huge Stephen King fan and therefore used to subscribe to that method and instead of having the outline determine where the story would go I would let the characters show me. Problem was with time limitations, or lack of discipline, I found the story growing cold if I couldn’t get to it for a couple days. Writing fiction is a little like tracking someone – it is most successful before the trail goes cold.

It is hard to read a book if you put it down for a couple days, then pick it up, then stop for another couple days and the same is true when writing a book.

I found that writing a thorough outline the characters are developing and the scenes playing out and I can keep up with my mind, which some people would say isn’t hard to do. The outline for the story I’m writing now (I really need to come up with a working title) is a couple hundred lines long. Probably about 10 pages worth and will probably double.

I will then go in and be able to put the little touches and nuances that make a book enjoyable. Scenarios and setups are only a small part of a good book. Think of how many truly ludicrous scenarios you’ve read – what made those books great was the writers skill.



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Freelance/Freerange writer from parts unknown and weight unknown. This blog is Mr Writing III vents his personal beleifs but his passion is writing fiction. His short story "Borgs of Summer" was twice ranked in Amazon's top 100 in Kindle/Baseball category.
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