Eat Quality Foods

Eat Quality. Most guys look at a menu, or an item in a grocery store and focus on getting the the most for their money. Shift your thinking from the most quantity for the money to the best quality for your money. Going back to the steak example – instead of looking for the largest steak you can buy for your money look for the best cut of steak possible for the same money. Whether it is bakery treats, fruit, or meat, buy quality not quantity. Since you won’t be overeating anymore, because you’re now eating right-sized portions, your food bill shouldn’t increase that much if any.  
    Should you buy only locally grown or raised food? All things being equal go ahead and support your neighbors who bring food to the market but don’t worry about food fads. Fresh produce and meat from South America are still preferable over processed local food because the local season is over. A  fresh peach from south of the equator is preferable over a local canned peach in heavy syrup. 

    Quality does include some commitment on your part. It will be more work to cook something fresh as opposed to just throwing a TV dinner in the microwave but if planned out right it shouldn’t be that big a deal. Leftovers make for great lunches the next day and are as quick and cheaper than frozen dinners. If you hate leftovers you need to get over it and stop acting like a four year old. That frozen dinner is nothing more than leftovers from a massive batch of food made weeks ago. With a little planning one meal can easily be turned into a couple different. The grilled chicken you’re eating tonight can be tomorrow’s chicken salad sandwhich for work tomorrow. With a little though you can have two different dishes from one night of cooking.


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